Information technology

Nowadays, many businesses have used information technology services from the third party since this not only fully meets the technology needs of businesses but also saves their budgets.


Information technology is the use of computers to convert, store, protect, transmit and collect data and information.

In Vietnam, Information Technology is understood as a gathering of scientific methods and modern techniques such as computer and telecommunications techniques, aiming at organizing and exploiting information resources as well as potentials in all human’s activities effectively.


  • Optimize the IT process to best suit your business.
  • Strengthen information technology supports to avoid legal and security risks.
  • Minimize incidents, promptly solve arising problems during operation.
  • Help to manage business activities more professionally and effectively.


  • System design consulting

System design consulting refers to consulting, designing and building a system of network services according to the requirements of customers.

Some popular network services: Email; web and online hosting; administration, security and data safety; and other services related to open-source code,etc

Information network services are usually built on Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms, depending on the size of the project and the requirement of each customer. 

  • Cloud system setup

Thanks to cloud computing technology, businesses can own their own servers to serve their business operations instead of spending too much on purchasing, maintaining and operating servers as they did before. 

Outstanding features of the cloud system: High availability, quick deployment, easy upgrade, remote access, enhanced security, flexible use, real resources, etc.

  • Security solution

Security solutions are essential for businesses owning a lot of data and resources in avoiding data leakage or loss. Security solutions will help optimize hardware, reduce the risk of data loss, manage easily and save costs. 

  • Network maintenance 

To increase productivity, efficiency and professionalism, it is important for businesses to maintain the network regularly as well as minimize system problems. In addition, the network maintenance service will give warnings about  possible problems so that businesses can build up backup plans to deal with these issues. 

An unexpected disconnection error can also have a bad impact on storing and managing data.

  • Computer maintenance

The computer system is an indispensable infrastructure foundation in the working process of every business. Computer maintenance services support you to ensure that the machines work normally without problems or interruptions during working time.

Computer maintenance service helps you to flexibly maintain your machine at no extra cost and just to set up and repair when your computer has a problem.

Information technology services are beneficial for businesses to solve daily technology problems. The service provider will be responsible for managing all information technology activities, so that businesses can use the services flexibly and economically. To understand more about technology services, contact us immediately for advice and support.

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