E-commerce is one of the leading trends in the world today. Similarly, participating in and developing e-commerce in Vietnam becomes increasingly popular. Understanding this, TUAN TUNG launched an e-commerce service to enable enterprises and companies to create amazing results, to develop sustainable strategies as well as to improve professionalism in business. 


E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the activity of buying, selling and trading products/services through electronic means connected to a computer network or the Internet.

E-commerce activities appeared in Vietnam in 2010 and were officially recognized by the government in 2013 under Decree No. 52/2013/ND-CP on E-commerce.

Currently, e-commerce activities in Vietnam have become extremely popular with fierce competitions of 3 giant e-commerce platforms namely Shopee, Tiki, Lazada. This brings benefits for customers (discounts, freeships, promotions), boosting order rates, appealing from small to large businesses to involve in the ecommerce platform.


For customers:

  • Meeting customers needs anytime, anywhere: Instead of spending time going to physical stores or agents to buy products and services, with e- commerce customers only need to operate on mobile devices. Smart devices (phones, computers) will help you to buy the product easily and quickly, without taking too much effort.
  • Flexible pricing: When making purchases on e-commerce sites, you can easily compare the price of a product in many different stores, avoiding the situation of buying expensive stuff and being unaware of the market price.

For suppliers:

  • Positively impact on business profits: For many distributors, selling on e-commerce platforms has helped them find and get closer to customers, thereby positively impacting their business profits.
  • Easily expand the market: If the forms of media commerce are limited by geographical space, e-commerce can help you easily expand the market
  • Better customer service: Being able to update and provide information, answer customer questions quickly, conveniently, anytime, anywhere.

For society:

  • Create a new type of business: E-commerce business strongly impacts people’s lives, creates a new type of business, provides more income and jobs for laborers. In addition, e-commerce also gives customers easy access to the economic knowledge, stimulating the development of the information technology industry.


With many years of experience working with partners in many different fields, TUAN TUNG is confident to provide customers with professional and effective e-commerce services..

Here, we have a team of professional and experienced staff in the field of e-commerce, always proactive, creative and ready to support customers to do business effectively. Moreover, when using our services, customers will own professional and modern e-commerce tools and solutions which help catch up with market trends.

TUAN TUNG always puts the interests and business efficiency of customers as the top development goal, if your business wishes to develop in the field of e-commerce, contact us immediately for advice and support. 

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