HR outsourcing service

Human resource is one of the decisive factors in the development of an enterprise. However, recruiting and managing human resources is not an easy task since it is time-consuming and costly. 

Along with the development of society, human resource outsourcing service is born to meet the HR needs of businesses. At TUAN TUNG, we support businesses with administration, labor relation and personnel works related to recruitment and payment.


HR outsourcing is a process in which an employee is recruited by a company, then is subcontracted to work for another employer. The employee is still under the management of the initial company and has to maintain the labor relationship with it. 


  • Provide the number of employees sufficiently and timely: It is suitable for companies and seasonal businesses to use the HR sourcing service
  • Using legal personnel: We are responsible for all legal issues in labor relations, helping our partners comply strict;y with the labor law, avoid the risks of labor disputes such as discipline, dismissal, etc.
  • Cost reduction: Reduce salary costs and convert wages into outsourced service costs.
  • Easily increase or decrease the number of personnel according to demand: Depending on the job, structure of the apparatus and orders to increase or decrease the number of personnel flexibly.
  • Saving recruitment time: it helps to save time and costs of recruitment, management of social insurance, taxes, and labor contracts.


  • Outsourcing service: The external provider has to complete the work as the employer requested and receive remuneration after checking and accepting the results as original negotiation. The contract is often applied to short-term or seasonal projects.
  • Personnel subcontracting: Supporting businesses which have unplanned and temporary recruitment needs (in cases such as maternity, illness) to hire employees for a certain period of time. .
  • Calculating salary: Calculating salary refers to calculating not only salary for employees but also other issues such as personal income tax, insurance, handling personnel requirements.
  • Permission for foreigners: Support for work permits, temporary residence cards, corporate visas, etc.

Using our HR service, customers will be able to solve the problems in recruiting and managing human resources. With many years of experience in the field of staffing, TUAN TUNG is confident to bring to customers the most effective and professional services.

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