Gift production

Tuan Tung’s gift production service

The demand for gifts is growing along with the requirement of reputable and professional production units. Born to serve the gift needs of customers, Tuan Tung is confident to be a reliable unit offering the most diverse and perfect products.

To meet customer’s demands, we provide a variety of gift services such as: business gifts, advertising gifts, technology gifts, fashion gifts, so on. Coming to Tuan Tung, customers no longer feel worried about product quality, we always focus on the following criteria:

  • Choose the right material

For gift products, the material is a decisive factor which affects the value and price of that product. Understanding this, we highly focus on selecting materials which best suit the customer’s requirements..

Besides, Tuan Tung has a variety of gift printing materials, ensuring the selection needs of customers.

  • Eye-catching and impressive design

With a team of experienced designers, we will give you suitable suggestions for each type of product, capturing ideas in the most accurate way. If you have no design expertise or just have a gift idea, Tuan Tung will help you turn those ideas into the most beautiful, meaningful and perfect gift products which definitely make a good impression on the recipient.

  • Ensure production progress

Equipped with the modern machinery system with fast processing speed as well as enthusiastic and professional staff, Tuan Tung confidently ensures the gift production will be completed in the shortest time.

  • Reasonable price

Currently, the growing gift market causes competition in terms of product quality and price . To ensure the benefits of our customers, Tuan Tung always captures the market and offers customers the most reasonable cost, which helps you save a certain amount of money. We are guaranteed to bring customers the most competitive gift production service in the market.

Gift products at Tuan Tung

  • Corporate Gifts: It is an effective way for businesses to show respect for customers/partners who have accompanied and stood by them. Usually, there are printed or engraved company logos on the products with the aim of impressing customers, building relationships with them or making them remember the business and the original purpose of cooperation.
  • Promotional gifts: These gifts are often sent by businesses to customers in seminars, events or promotions, customer gratitude programs or big commemorative programs of the company or business  to achieve certain goals in the development strategy that the business has set out.

Có rất nhiều gợi ý về quà tặng quảng cáo cho doanh nghiệpThese are suggestions for corporate promotional gifts.


  • Technology gifts: In fact, technology gifts are preferred by customers because of their useful functions in their lives and works. Common technology gift products can be mentioned such as: USB, rechargeable battery, bluetooth headset,ect. Thanks to its compact and convenient characteristics, they are chosen by many businesses to promote their brand images by printing logos on these giftQuà tặng công nghệ luôn có tính hữu dụng và "lấy lòng" được người được nhận

Technology gifts are always useful and “pleasing” the recipients.


  • Gift accessories: Accessories such as keychains, phone cases, and much more have become popular and favored by users because of their usefulness and high aesthetic value.
  • Congratulatory gifts: Often used in special occasions such as: graduation ceremony, birthday party, promotion ceremony, wedding party, housewarming, grand opening,etc. They help to express affection and well-mannered cultural behaviors and to sustain good relationships.
  • Love gifts: In a couple’s love, giving gifts is a common way to show their affection for each other, especially on anniversaries, holidays or romantic dates.

In addition, Tuan Tung also produces many different gift products such as holiday gifts, feng shui gifts, fashion gifts and much more in order to meet all the requirements of customers.


Tuan Tung is ready to serve all your gift production needs, contact us immediately to get a quote and special offers. Tuan Tung will be the best choice for you to get the cheapest and most perfect gift products.

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