HR outsourcing service

Human resource is one of the decisive factors in the development of an enterprise. However, recruiting and managing human resources is not an easy task since it is time-consuming and costly.  Along with the development of society, human resource outsourcing service is born to meet the HR needs of businesses. At TUAN TUNG, we support […]

Information technology

Nowadays, many businesses have used information technology services from the third party since this not only fully meets the technology needs of businesses but also saves their budgets. WHAT IS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY? Information technology is the use of computers to convert, store, protect, transmit and collect data and information. In Vietnam, Information Technology is understood […]


With the booming development of information technology, the media plays a very important role in building social relationships. Besides, it is also commonly used in promotional activities, communication and information exchange between people. With the importance of communication and growing demand for different services, TUAN TUNG are proud to provide customers with the most professional […]


E-commerce is one of the leading trends in the world today. Similarly, participating in and developing e-commerce in Vietnam becomes increasingly popular. Understanding this, TUAN TUNG launched an e-commerce service to enable enterprises and companies to create amazing results, to develop sustainable strategies as well as to improve professionalism in business.  WHAT IS E-COMMERCE? E-commerce […]

Import and export

Import and export is related to activities of selling and buying goods internationally. This sector plays an important role in the economic development of the country since it affects the political economy and the value of the local currency. With different types of import and export, it helps circulate goods, establish relationships with other countries, […]

Gift production

Tuan Tung’s gift production service The demand for gifts is growing along with the requirement of reputable and professional production units. Born to serve the gift needs of customers, Tuan Tung is confident to be a reliable unit offering the most diverse and perfect products. To meet customer’s demands, we provide a variety of gift […]


What is advertising? Advertising is a form of paid or unpaid propaganda to introduce information on a product, service, company or idea. Advertising is a non-direct communication activity in which those who want to use information to persuade or influence the recipients must pay for the mass media. Advertising is the attempt to influence the […]


Printing is the process of creating image patterns (pictures, letters, ..) on different materials such as paper, wood, fabric, cardboard, nylon, etc with printing ink. Printing which is often done on an industrial scale in large quantities plays an important role in the publishing industry. Current printing fields On demand printing: This kind of printing […]


Nowadays, the demand for personalized gifts is increasing. However, finding a reliable service provider is not an easy task. If you are wondering where to find a reputable supplier, we recommend you one address which will satisfy you just in the first cooperation. It is TUAN TUNG GROUP. Personalized gifts at TUAN TUNG GROUP brings […]

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