Printing is the process of creating image patterns (pictures, letters, ..) on different materials such as paper, wood, fabric, cardboard, nylon, etc with printing ink. Printing which is often done on an industrial scale in large quantities plays an important role in the publishing industry.

Current printing fields

On demand printing: This kind of printing is used to produce a variety of items ranging from office publications to small and medium-sized documents. On demand printing depends on the customer’s requirements to produce suitable printing products.

Packaging and label printing: It is commonly used in the manufacturing sector which has  great demand for packaging and labeling goods. There are also different ways of this printing area since packages and labels are various. 

Publication: Including books, magazines and office publications. Publication is often used to print professional products for professional entrepreneurs and companies with the application of offset printing (if in large quantities) or digital printing.

Advertising printing: It aims for advertising, and disseminating information with the purpose of promoting products and reaching more customers. The product size depends on the customer’s requirement, particularly large size as banners and small one as catalogues, brochures, flyers or much more.

Common types of printing at Tuan Tung

Curre Tuan Tung is equipped with some of the most popular types of printing techniques, with affordable materials. Let’s find out what they are:ntly, there are many different types of printing in the market to meet the customer’s demand. To satisfy this demand,

Offset printing:  is the most widely used today because of its clear image quality and cleanliness, and applicability on a variety of materials and surfaces such as paper, board and some other flat surface materials. In addition, offset printing is commonly applied in advertising printing ( flyers, catalogues), printing cards, calendars, ect.

Offset printing is suitably applied on paper, covers and some flat surface materials.

Digital printing: It includes many different printing technologies such as: inkjet printing, UV printing; heat transfer printing; and laser printing. Each type of digital printing has its own printing method and its own type of material. This digital printing method is only suitable for small-volume prints and  needs to have print files edited. This is one of the latest printing technologies with modern and advanced techniques that are gradually replacing other printing methods.

Screen printing: Silk screen printing, also known as screen printing, prints watercolor on the surface of fabrics, silk, etc. This method is traditional, simple but quite delicate and aesthetic, and cost-saving. It is often used to print artistic paintings for decoration, fabric fonts for events, weddings, etc.

Flexography: It is widely used in packaging or carton labels printing. The finished product of this printing method is packed into suitable rolls for very large prints and has automatic gluing to the packaging afterwards.

Why choose Tuan Tung?

Modern equipment: When choosing a certain printing provider, the first thing you should pay attention to is their equipment system. If the equipment is modern and periodically upgraded, it demonstrates that the provider greatly focuses on the quality of their products and services. With many years of experience in the printing industry, Tuan Tung is confident to meet all the requirements of customers no matter how difficult they are. We possess the most advanced and modern factory system, committed to producing high quality printed products.

Experienced staff: Enthusiastic and willing to advise and support customers 24/7

Competitive price: Thanks to the advantage of owning his own factory, skipping intermediaries, Tuan Tung always gives you the cheapest printing service in the market.

Quality materials: We always choose the leading printing materials and standard inks for the high quality image, no blurring or smearing cases.

Commitment to progress: If customers need to print products urgently, our team is ready to print continuously 24/7 to meet the schedule.

Speedy delivery: Tuan Tung prioritizes choosing professional carriers to deliver goods quickly to customers. For international orders, we also ensure timely delivery as scheduled. 

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