Import and export

Import and export is related to activities of selling and buying goods internationally. This sector plays an important role in the economic development of the country since it affects the political economy and the value of the local currency. With different types of import and export, it helps circulate goods, establish relationships with other countries, expand markets, and promote the sustainable development of the economy.

Types of import and export at Tuan Tung

Direct import and export

It is a type in which businesses will directly export or import their products and services to foreign market without intermediaries, which helps businesses actively sell and distribute their products. 

Hence, the procedure of this type of import and export is often simple. However, businesses need to understand and research carefully the foreign partner and market that they are targeting. Understanding this, Tuan Tung will support customers with the procedures and complete the signing as well as instruct customers about the terms signed in the contract.

Import-export authorization

If you choose this form, Tuan Tung will act as an intermediary which is entrusted with signing the contract with the foreign partner.

Note: for entrusted enterprises like Tuan Tung, we will not need to invest capital and not have to apply for quotas, the value of goods that we sign in contracts will only be counted in the export turnover without being included in revenue.

Re-export and re-import

Re-export is a process of exporting the goods which were previously imported into a country. Through this activity, enterprises can earn more compared to its initial capital they spent. There will always be three countries: an exporting country, an importing country and another exporting country.

The goods which enterprises import for re-exporting are allowed to be processed or altered by the enterprises. And re-exporting enterprises will not have to spend on production and investment in machinery and technology. However, this type requires product sensitivity as well as foreign currency prices.

Apart from these mentioned-above types of import and export, there are many other ones. Depending on business orientations, each company will choose one suitable for its own development.

What will Tuan Tung do for your business?

Tuan Tung always prioritizes the benefits of our customers, and the success of our customers is also our success. In order to bring the most practical values ​​from import and export services to customers, we always follow the following process:

Research the client’s business

Based on the information provided by the customer, we will determine the product that the customer intends to export or import so that we can choose the right type of import and export.

Market research

For exporters, it is necessary to do research about foreign markets to ensure the consumption and distribution of products.

For importers, it is necessary to analyze the source of goods and suppliers to ensure the most reasonable price.

Select the partner

Tuan Tung’s team of experts will help businesses learn and thoroughly analyze their partners before signing a contract to avoid risks during operation, and cause losses to the business.

Determine the appropriate type of import and export

Each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages. What is the most suitable one depends on each company. Thus, based on the criteria analyzed above, Tuan Tung will help you choose the type of business  which best suits your business.

Do research on import and export law

Tuan Tung’s legal team will carefully research and advise on import and export laws for customers. ensuring that your goods are exported / imported will be legal and protected before the law if something goes wrong.

With the basic information above, Tuan Tung hopes to help customers have a deeper insight into the import and export field. Our call center 19000313 is always ready to advise and answer customers’ questions about import and export services, looking forward to cooperating with your business as soon as possible.

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