What is advertising?

Advertising is a form of paid or unpaid propaganda to introduce information on a product, service, company or idea. Advertising is a non-direct communication activity in which those who want to use information to persuade or influence the recipients must pay for the mass media.

Advertising is the attempt to influence the buying behavior and habits of consumers or clients with a persuasive selling message about products or services. 

Advertising characteristics.

  • Advertising is a paid form of communication;
  • The advertising payer is identified
  • Advertising content helps to differentiate the product in order to persuade or influence the customers.
  • Advertising approaches the audience via various media;
  • Advertising reaches a majority of potential customers;
  • Advertising is a non-personal marketing communication activity.

Different types of effective advertising at Tuan Tung

  • Brand advertising
  • Online Advertising
  • Instructional advertising
  • Direct response advertising
  • Corporate market advertising
  • Company image advertising

Apart from the above-mentioned types of advertising, we also have other types of advertising such as interactive advertising to serve all customer requirements.

The most popular means of advertising in Tuan Tung

  • Television: is the most diverse and comprehensive means of influencing consumers with sound and vivid images. The cost of this form is usually the most expensive. Advertising is sometimes used indirectly by sponsoring shows,  hanging logos on the floor, or on the wall behind actors and MCs, and directly by television commercials.

  • Journalism: it influences customers by images and slogans or sometimes with fake articles reported by hired reporters.
  • Internet: With the development of information technology and the Internet, online newspapers also strive significantly, so many companies often use this medium. It is displayed through advertising emails or spam sent to the mailbox or promotional videos on websites. Today, most families have the internet, which is an advantage for businesses to advertise their products and brands.
  • Radio:are verbal or musical advertisement with the influence of sound effects

  • Postal advertising: Send letters to customers’ homes with information about the company and products. The cost is quite cheap, but the effect is low because each letter affects only 1 family.
  • Advertising on means of transport: It is quite effective to advertise by painting the product image and company name on the side of the vehicle, especially the bus which has a large body area and contains a lot of passengers every day. However, the painting is difficult to change, so this kind of advertising is often for long-life products or the company brand, rather than introducing short-life products.

  • Advertising through corporate publications: publications that are widely distributed to consumers
  • Advertising through flyers, posters, billboards or banners. Leaflets are the company’s usual form, for marketing staff to go to intersections, public places to distribute printed papers introducing products and supply addresses.
  • Advertising on product packaging 
  • Advertising with LED lights: Eye catching lights are decorated in public places to highlight company images and products.

In short, Tuan Tung is committed to satisfy all the customer’s requirements with effective types and means of advertising, ensuring high effectiveness of advertising in order to bring the company image and products closer to customers.

If you are wondering about choosing a reputable and professional advertising agency, please contact us immediately via hotline 19000313 to receive advice and special offers only for you.

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